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Hungry Bear Restaurant

Hungry Bear Restaurant specializes in breakfast,
especially pancakes of all kinds.
Crepes, Blueberry, Buttermilk, Buckwheat, Banana,
Corn pancakes and much more.
All of our batters are made from scratch.
All of our Eggs and Omelet dishes are cooked in Drawn Butter.

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  6AM - 2PM
Saturday & Sunday:  6AM - 4PM

Bear Facts

We reserve the right to serve everyone.
Close cover before striking.
Batteries not included.
Void where prohibited by law.
Warning: our food may become habit forming.
Mass consumption may cause weight gain.
We guarantee fast service,
no matter how long it takes.
Coffee will be hot!
Un-attended children will be towed
at owners expense.
Keep right except to pass.
If they step on your toes step back.
Always wash your hands when finished.

Technical Notes

All our Pancake Batters are made from scratch
We use only fresh, Top Quality ingredients
Fresh Large AA Eggs, Fresh Milk
Half & Half for our Fresh Ground Coffee
Grade AA Butter, USDA Inspected Beef & Pork
All of our Egg dishes are cooked
in Drawn Butter